Laboratory of Wind Energy

1| Laboratory of Wind Energy

Laboratory of Microscale Wind Energy is provided an open flow low speed wind tunnel designed to testing small scaled wind turbine.

The test rig at the L3 KEZO is an open-circuit type wind tunnel operating in the suction mode with a maximum flow velocity 30 m/s. The test section length is 4 m and the cross section is approximately 2 by 2 m.

We are using the following sensors and measurement procedures in our wind tunnel investigations:

  • flow velocities – movable cascade of 2D Hotwire-Anemometry
  • forces and torques – Stewart platform with fibers based on FBG optical sensing
  • deformation – optical measurements of wind turbine components movement under the influence of aerodynamic forces
  • noise – portable acoustic camera for noise measurements and location of its source
  • measurements of current generators effectiveness

We offer the measurements of the operating characteristics of wind turbines (torque, power, forces, electric power, rotational speed, velocity distribution, blades deformation, noise) and numerical simulations supporting analysis and design of wind turbine and investigations of other wind energy related issues.