Hybrid energy storage

The conventional approach to electrical Energy Storage System (ESS) assumes an application of a single selected technology, dedicated to fulfil one functionality.

Hybrid ESS, which is proposed in the HyStore project combines two or more battery technologies within one single ESS. This solution allows for an optimization of ESS performance, while providing additional functions. From the user perspective it allows to maximize revenues and extend lifetime of the ESS.

Energy management system

The key advantage of a hybrid system relies on its control method. The HyStore project aims to develop an Energy Management System (EMS) dedicated to hybrid ESS. Optimization algorithms will be employed with an objective to maximize user revenues.

Technology demonstrator

The pilot of a hybrid ESS is operating in KEZO Research Center in Jablonna, Poland belonging to Polish Academy of Sciences. ESS is a functional part of the microgrid including renewables, loads and EV chargers. Hybrid ESS includes leading battery technologies: flow, lithium-ion and lead-acid.


Project manager
dr inż. Krzysztof Rafał

Project „Hybrid Energy Storage Management System” financed by polish National Centre for Research and Development within Xth edition of Lider programme.