EVIM Conference

On 19.10.2016 at the KEZO Research Centre of PAN in Jabłonna near Warsaw, an EVIM conference devoted to the development of electric vehicles and the infrastructure that affected them took place. Event organizers were RAWICOM Sp. With o.o. Sp. K., GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ and REECO Poland Sp. With o.o.

The conference was attended by 70 people from many European countries. This event has been divided into four thematic sessions:

• Development, Market and Politics,

• Clean technologies,

• New infrastructure in the human environment,

• Interactions between consumers, energy and the energy grid - the benefits of symbiosis.

Among the speakers of the event were:

• Piotr Zaremba from the Ministry of Energy

• Stanisław Jedliński from the Roads and Communications Office of the City of Warsaw

• Levente Reizer Infrastructure Manager in Central and Eastern Europe with Nissan

• Michał Baranowski from

• Łukasz Celmer from Elektrotaxi

• Andreas-Michael Reinhardt President LEMnet Europe e.V. - European Information Society on European and international infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Participants of the conference visited KEZO PAN Research Centre in Jabłonna, where motorized guests had the opportunity to use a quick car charger.

The event had a great interest within the participants. Numerous debates on the development of the electric transport sector in Central Europe took place. The conclusions of the discussions clearly indicate the dynamic development of the electric vehicle sector and the associated infrastructure.