Dyrektor Instytutu
prof. dr hab. inż. Jan Kiciński
Członek Korespondent PAN
+48 58 3416071

Kierownik Centrum ds. Naukowych
Sebastian Bykuć
+48 58 6995144

Pełnomocnik Dyrektora ds. Centrum Badawczego PAN KEZO i Współpracy Międzyregionalnej
Marzena Patoleta
+48 58 6995195


Polish Academy of Sciences Research Centre

The center is the most modern research complex dealing with the use of renewable energy in Poland and one of the most modern in Europe.

The center provides a framework for carrying out IMP PAN's research projects and projects carried out in consortium with other Polish Academy of Sciences' institutes, universities as well as R&D entities closely related in terms of energy conversion from renewable resources. One of the main objectives of the centre is to conduct research on strategies in the development of renewable resources, renewable and unconventional energy sources, biofuels, ecological effects of energy conversion and implementation of new technologies from the field of new and renewable energy resources and energy storage.